When You Trust In the Universe

10 Beautiful Things That Happen When You Trust In The Universe

The law of attraction is a rather simple law. It’s the use of visualization to manifest the things in life that you want. In order to truly understand it, you must put a lot of work into it. No one is perfect at it, but these are signs you’ve learned to fully understand the laws of attraction.

1. You can see synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a fascinating thing. It is defined as the simultaneous occurrences of events that appear significantly related but don’t have a clear connection. This is the universe trying to send you messages, and if you see it, you’re getting the message.

law of attraction2. Having fun is a top priority.

You can’t hope to have a good, happy life without having some fun.

Hard work is important, but all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy, right?

3. You don’t carry baggage.

Negative baggage doesn’t serve to do anything for us. It weighs us down and keeps us from reaching our fullest potential. If you’ve left your baggage behind, you’re on the right track.

4. You take time to enjoy life.

It’s all about stopping and smelling the roses. Life isn’t a race. It’s about enjoying each moment and living life fully.

5. You enjoy the company of others.

And it’s not just a superficial thing either. You deeply enjoy the presence of other people. Strangers get a smile and even people you don’t know that well get a hug.

6. You expect great things to happen.shutterstock_381803809

This is a key part of the law of attraction.

You don’t fret about the future and expect the worst to come true.

In fact, you expect the best to come true! It leads you down a path of working hard and getting what you need.

7. You’re thankful.

The universe provides us a bounty, but universe giveth and universe taketh away.

Showing gratitude sends the right kind of energy out into the universe.

8. You keep things positive.

Petty gossip and nasty talk like that has no place in your life and it shouldn’t. Keeping things positive will keep the positive things flowing.

9. You go with the flow.

It’s an important lesson to realize that you, my friend, are not in control of everything. There are things in your life you have sway over, like what you’re doing and who you’re with, but that’s just about it. Go with the flow.

10. You take responsibility for your life and actions.

It’s all you have control over. And if you mess something up, it’s okay to admit it.


It’s all about the Spirit

If I’ve really begun to learn anything over the last few years, it has been the importance of spirit.  How you handle this takes an affect on everything and everyone around you, especially when turning inward.  This is the basis of your self talk, what you decide to put out into the universe on a daily basis.  This is what it sent out and determines what you receive.  This plays the largest role in your relationships and the attraction those around have to you.  One of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had to learn was how to maintain the level of my spirit in all situations.  Along with this comes the token of gratitude – learning to say “thank you” to anything that comes my way, knowing that both successes and failures are both present in an effort to support my highest self, because I know that is the energy that I have worked to put out there, that is my faith.

Ok, lets back-track a moment…so what exactly am I saying when I talk about the importance of spirit?  Ever heard that saying “fake it til you make it?”  In the beginning stages of learning how to have a positive perspective, you have to continuously work at spinning what you actually see/think/feel when you speak out loud (not that I’m saying I’ve mastered this at all, it’ll always be a work in progress, but it’s like any habit that you can make or break).  What I’m saying is that it will take a very conscious effort to IGNORE the bad and CHOOSE the good, and make sure to say it out loud to yourself or to someone around you in an effort to place that intention into your energy field, EVEN IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IT AT FIRST!  Become the person that people can feel good being around.  I’ll give you the example of why this post sparked in me this morning…

My grandfather is ill and the closest that him and my grandmother live to any type of family is 8 hours away.  As a result, it takes a solid effort for family to visit on a regular basis to check up on them.  This particular weekend, the majority of my family unexpectedly gathered together for them.  There was a noticeable difference in the energy level of my grandfather and an air of grateful joy that came over the two of them when the house was filled with positive energy radiating from every source.  Although no one forgot his condition, the fact that we all made conscious decisions to not speak of it or make anything of it completely changed his actual physical condition.  And because of that, it made us ALL happy.  It’s the power of pure positive energy, but you have to CHOOSE it.  This is spirit.  Maintain your spirit at your highest level possible and hold it there, share it and let it be contagious.

Have You Ever Had a Moment…

Have you ever had a moment

where a really big breeze comes flying across you

and kind of hits you with this reality

of “I’m here!”

and the presence of that breeze brings you into yourself for a moment?

Have you ever had a moment

where that breeze, you can feel everything in it across your face,

and electrifies every hair as it comes across you,

and within that same moment all of a sudden,

you begin to feel the warmth of the sun

in every single pore on your face,

and you can feel your skin welcome that warmth,

as if it had never seen light before,

and you can almost visualize what the rays look like

as they come down from the sun onto your skin,

and in that moment, you begin to breathe.

Not that you weren’t before, but you notice your breath,

and in the first breath in that moment, you can feel each one of your ribs

expand from the bottom up as your breath fills your body,

taking in the air through your nose.

Then that breath awakens your smell,

and all of sudden, you can almost smell the sunshine that is coming down on you

and you know for that moment what purity smells like.

Have you ever had a moment

where absolutely nothing is going on,

and yet somehow everything is going on,

and you can feel this conundrum excite your heart…

and because you’re eyes were closed, because you were taking this in,

you open them and all of a sudden, you notice this earth in a different way;

You can see the sky as it is the sky, and you see the trees as they are the trees,

and somehow, this breeze that’s blowing,

you can somehow see it,

and this sun that’s shining,

you can somehow see it,

and every single piece of this picture has life;

Every leaf on the trees in front of you have a story,

and this breeze somehow is carrying the history of this earth with it,

and because this breeze passes through you and over you,

you become a part of its history.

Have you ever had a moment

where you notice all these details, overwhelmingly so,

that you start to quietly cry,

because of simply realizing for a moment,

and whatever triggered this moment,

how small you actually are in this big, big universe

Have you ever had a moment like that?

I just did.