Have You Ever Had a Moment…

Have you ever had a moment

where a really big breeze comes flying across you

and kind of hits you with this reality

of “I’m here!”

and the presence of that breeze brings you into yourself for a moment?

Have you ever had a moment

where that breeze, you can feel everything in it across your face,

and electrifies every hair as it comes across you,

and within that same moment all of a sudden,

you begin to feel the warmth of the sun

in every single pore on your face,

and you can feel your skin welcome that warmth,

as if it had never seen light before,

and you can almost visualize what the rays look like

as they come down from the sun onto your skin,

and in that moment, you begin to breathe.

Not that you weren’t before, but you notice your breath,

and in the first breath in that moment, you can feel each one of your ribs

expand from the bottom up as your breath fills your body,

taking in the air through your nose.

Then that breath awakens your smell,

and all of sudden, you can almost smell the sunshine that is coming down on you

and you know for that moment what purity smells like.

Have you ever had a moment

where absolutely nothing is going on,

and yet somehow everything is going on,

and you can feel this conundrum excite your heart…

and because you’re eyes were closed, because you were taking this in,

you open them and all of a sudden, you notice this earth in a different way;

You can see the sky as it is the sky, and you see the trees as they are the trees,

and somehow, this breeze that’s blowing,

you can somehow see it,

and this sun that’s shining,

you can somehow see it,

and every single piece of this picture has life;

Every leaf on the trees in front of you have a story,

and this breeze somehow is carrying the history of this earth with it,

and because this breeze passes through you and over you,

you become a part of its history.

Have you ever had a moment

where you notice all these details, overwhelmingly so,

that you start to quietly cry,

because of simply realizing for a moment,

and whatever triggered this moment,

how small you actually are in this big, big universe

Have you ever had a moment like that?

I just did.


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