Your Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence


Intuition > Ego

9fa914e9eae5b0946c9e93af3567f30bThe more people I interact with on a daily basis, the more I truly believe that we all feel pulls in our spirit.  Within the layers of our soul lies our truths that we have to spend some serious time and practice digging away to get to.  One may argue that we will never completely know the/our truth despite our years of dedication.  However, you can come deliciously close.  But be warned: if you have not done some serious soul-searching, forgiveness, and personal acceptance, you’re most likely going to run into your Ego.

Ahhh, the Ego – the stubborn, pestering voice in our head that loves to imitate the soul.  It’s kind of like the two types of Christmas’s in “Nightmare Before Christmas;”  you’ve got the sweet, encouraging, traditional Santa Clause (intuition), bringing joy and peace, and then you’ve got Jack Skellington, faux-Santa (ego), who imitates Christmas is his own morbid fashion.  Dark versus light.  In my observation, it seems that our teenage years are really the time that we begin to try out both voices and see what works for us.  However, when we’re of that age, it’s hard to not allow the Ego to overpower the intuition because Ego will usually come with some sort of immediate gratification but result in further consequences, and intuition is hard to explain/justify and usually comes hand-in-hand with a decision or thought that makes us a bit uncomfortable when it first arises but has a positive long term effect.  I believe that the practice of this in our younger years allows thee5b502def2862ced8df334fc071999c8 process to be easier when we get older, gives us a greater ability to differentiate the two, and not be so uncomfortable with our intuitive voice.  I also believe that the people that we surround ourselves in throughout this time play a huge part in our ability to recognize the difference.  If you have supportive and compassionate people (especially family) who listen to the thoughts you speak out loud and encourage you to use your gut to make decisions, you’ll most likely have a fairly mature intuitive voice.  The exact opposite happens when you are raised with a pressure to do something a specific way, or be a specific person, or even if you feel neglected or ignored, thus resulting in no support system at all.  And again, the results of how we make these decisions are both long term so we might not see how our decisions are laying out our path until much later on.  The good part is that there is always time to readjust and change, as long as you can find peace in the discomfort that these adjustments will undoubtedly bring.

So how does one go about figuring out the difference between the two voices when so much of the time they sound the same?  It’s hard to put into words what it physically feels like when you recognize the difference.  In my personal experience, I have found that when I ask myself the question, “how does this benefit me?” if I am able to answer that questions then it is my Ego, whereas if I have a hard time answering it then it is my 8facf30b82cac9ac9de2da5f7a666c8fintuition.  Our Ego tends to be self-motivated in the materialistic sense, so if you are easily able to pinpoint how a decision will directly (and immediately) benefit you, then it sounds to me like it might be your Ego at work.  A prime example of this would be in the workplace.  So many of us get frustrated with our jobs at times and want to quit.  However, there almost always is the moment of pause before making this decision where you have to come up with a brief idea of your next plan.  Before doing that, you should turn the tables on yourself; take the time to ask yourself why this particular situation could be serving you.  An example within this example might be if you are not getting along with a coworker who works above you.  Maybe it is a test of your communication skills – learning to articulate, working in a team, or just shifting your perspective.  Before jumping ship, consider all the angles very carefully and really spend genuine time trying to examine WHY your situation might be trying to serve you despite the discomfort that you may feel.  Play all the fields first.  And an important skill when examining a situation such as this, being able to step into another person’s shoes if only a little bit, can really help to gain perspective and compassion.  However, don’t let this be an excuse to be walked all over!!

I’ll say again — it’s very hard to explain what the actual sound of your intuition is since it is so unique to each individual person.  We were all gifted with a voice inside of us that 5f7fda00fc5a3200d3dba4363b109a71tells us what is best for our spirit in order to achieve the ultimate happiness in this lifetime.  For some, this voice might naturally be just as loud as if it were standing right next to you.  For others, this voice might need some tuning in.  I am a firm believer that we know what is right and what is wrong and what occurs over the course time is what softens the voice inside of us.  So when in doubt, practice pause.  It’s better to remain silent and still and be firm in your words/decisions rather than respond impulsively and not have the ability to take it back.

“The Universe began with our eyes closed”

It starts
With our eyes well acquainted
With the darkness
The mind was made to illuminate the heart
And when every constellation
Suddenly appeared
Through telescopes and calculations
The far was pulled so near

Even after everything we’ve seen
We’ve barely caught a glimpse of what it means
In the architecture of the soul
The universe began with our eyes closed

We claim our land
We tame our seas
We carve our names
On the surface of history
Til our hands get tied
By the stubborn will
Of gravity
Even after everything we’ve seen
We’ve barely caught a glimpse of what it means
In the architecture of the soul
The universe began with our eyes closed

In the rise and fall
Of a newborn’s chest
Like the ocean swells
We inhale, exhale and reset
Every living thing
Is in this constant state of unrest
Even after all our history
We’ve barely caught a glimpse of what it means
In the architecture of the soul
The universe began

Even after everything we’ve seen
We’ve barely caught a glimpse of what it means
In the architecture of the soul
The universe began with our eyes closed

“…but I could be wrong”

We all have a tendency to think that our beliefs (yes, beliefs, not facts or truths) are set in stone, and have a hard time accepting one simple FACT….we could ALL be wrong.  This is why it is called “faith.”  Free your mind from anything stagnant and give it permission to soar.