Spirit, Be My Movement

a3469156fbeca74f22fafd347d0b79bfI’m sure we’ve all come to certain forks in the road of life where we’re forced to make a decision.  There’s no grey area, there’s no turning around, there are no signs, no guidance, no rules or boundaries; you have to blindly make a decision for yourself.  These are very good tests of faith…making decisions after you’ve carefully threaded through all the practical reasons to should or should not, silencing the brain to give the heart a moment to speak, and then quieting all other voices but your spirit, the uncontrollable pull of your true self.  It’s hard enough to make a decision based on your true, individual spirit..to allow that decision to maybe not make so much rational sense, but deep down you know something about it is right for you.  You’ve probably heard so many people talk about this sort of thing – listening to your heart, following your own path etc.  It’s definitely not an easy thing to do, especially in our society.  I can’t even begin to get on that bus right now with where that begins in our culture and morals.  But I actually was not drawn to write about that topic right now.

Ok, so we can all agree that we’ve had to make decisions before.  We do this all the time, several times a day even.  But did anyone ever take the time to talk about the decisions that make you?  The times when you have zero control over what happens?  It’s an interesting subject to begin to talk about because I normally am one to preach about how the energy that we put out there brings about everything that surrounds us.  However, on the other hand, I have always, always, always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  We can’t always explain it right away and a lot of the times in the heat of the moment, we don’t always appreciate the circumstance of events.  So why were we never taught how to handle the decisions that make us?

For those of you that may not be following where I’m going with this, let me offer some situational imagery for you…

Those moments where your heart swells…literally, it feels like it could explode,

Where your breath is short…so short that you actually have to remind your lungs to expand,

Your head is about to implode with webs of crossing thoughts…positive, negative, what if I2e283eb0aa8f1fc049ccb392fe609af4 did this, what if I didn’t do that, what if this had happened, what’s the best thing that can happen, what’s the worst,

In some cases, your legs might lock up…this combining with your racing mind and your short breath, you might need to sit or lie down,

And if you’re super aware of how you physically react to these moments, you might notice that your eyebrows furrow so hard and your jaw is clenched so tight that it’s causing a little throbbing in your third eye…

Have you ever had something happen in life that resulted in this?  And after all of this pondering, and running through it over and over and over again, and all of this tension and stress you’re putting on yourself, you STILL had/have ZERO control over this decision that was made for you.  I know for me, this decision in life that made me was absolutely heart wrenching, which is why I really wanted to share this right now, and promise you that it gets easier with practice.  Well, I can agree with you right now that it absolutely SUCKS when you have no control over the decisions that make you.  I am sorry that anything like this would have to happen to you and can sympathize with that sort of pain.  But I can also reassure you that those too are for a reason, much greater than anything you may realize just yet.  So let’s jump ahead to where this gets positive…

How cool is it to know that with or without your consent, God and this entire universe is conspiring in YOUR favor, with or without your permission?  You are constantly supported in this life in everything you do!  Now, that’s not to say that it doesn’t take some effort; it 862887700bbad991a6653adb08159b64is, after all, in fact your job to pay attention to these micro movements in your spirit and to carefully listen to this guiding universe.  The good part is that God never gives up and the universe never stops moving forward, so you will forever have the opportunity in your life to tune in at any point.  However…you have to tune in.  As soon as you do, there is NO stopping you from reaching your highest self.  And here is what I will leave you with…

This is the real test of your faith.  In these moments of pain and discomfort, can you find the inner peace to know that this too is somehow in your favor?  Can you allow these thoughts to pass through rather than nest, can you make the effort to fill and empty your lungs completely with each breath, can you bend and move and keep going forward without allowing this one moment in your life to stagnate you?  This is the part that IS in your control – how you handle yourself with what life throws at you.  Allow faith to move you and let your spirit run free in this lifetime.  I promise you, it’s all here to work in your favor.



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