Feed Me Truth

61d643104dca374c171088fa313554ddAs I mentioned in my previous post about empathy, I am a part of the Pranotthan Yoga Teacher Training, a training that has been so powerful for me that I would encourage ANYone to partake in the journey.  It’s hard to even call it “Yoga” anymore because of the image our western culture has cast on it.  One who begins to journey the true path of Yoga might ask themselves at one point whether or not Yoga is a religion due to how much of the practice is spiritual.  However, the journey into Yoga is personal and is a truth-seeking excursion that will forever inspire inquiry.

To divert a bit away from talking about Yoga specifically, let’s talk about “truth” for a moment.  Diving into another loaded topic, I might start by asking you to ask yourself 5a7b253026f35d746219618722584f95“what is the truth?”  The truth is that none of us know the truth, which welcomes the idea of, what is the difference between the believe-to-be-true and the no-doubt-about-it true?  The diversity in our belief systems make our world go round; the insistence of beliefs is what makes our worlds collide.  To quote my teacher in this training, who worded it so perfectly,


Our beliefs dictate our experiences.  When you remove your beliefs from the experience and allow yourself to just simply experience it for what the experience actually is, it will lead you closer to the truth.” — Devarshi Steven Hartman

And this is what the practice of Yoga truly is – learning to feel things exactly how they are, acknowledge your journey, experiences, and beliefs as those of your own, finding inner peace that leads to outer peace that leads to world peace that leads to a state of universal peace.  And most importantly for me, be nothing but love.

I would really love to share an article that my teacher wrote that really goes into great depth about the beauty in the practice of Yoga (click here to read), as he is an individual that uses much better words that my brain can wrap around when I jump into these discussions.

e2b73083572fb7f7d8dcb2f69066c700My heart has known this for a very long time but I was never sure how exactly to condense that seemingly-huge feeling into this tiny little space of a label.  But in this inquiry, I found Yoga.  I share this in the hopes that it may open up inquiries of your own, and just maybe giving you the green light to explore an experience (or two) without your glasses on for a moment.  But at the end of the day, we can all go to sleep with our own beliefs, experiences, and inquiries, and still find love for each other, because we have to remember at the end of the day, we could be wrong…


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