Trust The Pieces


A conversation with my friend last night got me thinking a lot (again) about this universal shift taking place. I’ve talked about this with many people, finding practical reasons – the moons, retrograde, time change, leap year – that have been making us all a bit uncomfortable in where we are.  In this particular conversation when she was explaining her situation(s), we talked about how sometimes God presents us with an opportunity, an experience, and it’s so obvious that we HAVE to take it (one of my favorite quotes is from the movie “The Four Feathers” where the soldier asks, “why are you helping me?” and the African man replies, “God put you in my way, I have no choice.”); some things are just THAT transparent.  But…just when we think we had it all together, the rug comes out from under us, and it’s a shocker.  It’s easy to feel tricked, irritated, uncomfortable, and even hurt, by this, because you adjusted your life for what you thought was this obvious opportunity God gave you, so you have to ask why.  But what you don’t see is that the rug that got pulled out from you IS the opportunity.  This discomfort that you’re feeling of an emptiness, sometimes of betrayal, is actually just the path being cleared for you.  It is our job as human beings to decide what type of energy we put into our reactions, our ability to let go and just trust that whatever will be is what should be.

I’ve grown to realize that life is a whole lot like a blind person trying to do an ordinary puzzle; we can’t see how or where the pieces fit together but we have to trust that they do because those are the pieces that were put in the box for us and we can only hope they fit together and create the picture on the box. Not being able to see it is scary and uncomfortable and trying to put it together tests our patience. We need to learn to be gentle with ourselves because it takes time; we build upon mistakes, the pieces that we thought fit together but don’t, and need to pause rather than act out when we begin to feel pushed or impatient to reach a certain endpoint.  And understand that this space that was cleared for you by removing something is actually a gift.

I thought about this again because I’ve heard from almost everyone I’ve talked to (and experienced myself) that there’s been a shift, a change, a movement in energy, that’s surfaced emotions and changed patterns and people in the last couple months. Shifts like these are rarely comfortable and make most of us nervous to the point where we act out and/or desperately cling to what we know. But on the other side of these shifts is a moment of peace and bliss..we just have to get through the shift. Don’t work against it, just ride the wave and learn to just trust that the pieces do in fact fit..we just can’t see it yet.


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